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“We believe that companies who have a genuine desire for growth deserve to be successful in their chosen field.”

eSales Hub was set-up to answer a very recent conundrum – how do I grow my business with new customers online without it costing the earth? I know I can get customers from the internet, but how do I do it without getting ripped off?

Years ago… if you were a local service based company like an accountant, plumber, electrician or heating engineer, you’d place an advert in Yellow Pages, you’d pick the size of Ad to reflect your status within the local market, and the phone would ring with customers wanting your service.

Then the internet came along and enquiries from your Yellow Pages ad and other forms of local marketing slowed down to the point that you are questioning are you still getting a return?

Where have the consumers I used to get gone?

Growth is never easy…

You can’t just flick a switch and be a multi-millionaire overnight. It takes hard work, with a balancing act of available staff to actually work right the way through to generating incremental sales from new customers.

The problem with the internet is, how can you get a return from things like Adwords, Pay Per Click advertising and natural search without getting ripped off?

Sure, everybody tells you they can get to page one on Google, but can they really?
And is the number one spot where you want to be?

Having driven sales for everything from garages to health clubs online over the last 15 years, eSales Hub created their own software product to answer the question of cost effective growth through the internet.

We developed our software and approach with the help of Google, as part of the Google Partner programme, we were able to get an insight into how to build our eSales Hub Local Pages software to maximise returns for our clients.

Results are quick and the day-to-day complexities of managing Adwords, SEO and your online presence are removed from the business so you can concentrate on what you do best – providing great service.

As we are paid on performance, put simply, if our approach doesn’t work, we don’t get paid – a bit like you if you are a business owner.

We didn’t test it on a client, we created our own suite of sites to prove the concept and the results we got even made us smile!

Having regularly achieved a conversion rate (unique user to enquiry) of 15% before our software went live, we were astounded when our own site Go regularly converted at 42%, but with a reduction in lead cost of 48% after 3 months

A lot of our clients have tried Adwords before and couldn’t get a return…

Mr Electric was a prime example. They spent over £1,000 in a month and generated 10 or so leads. Using our software, they spend £100 in the very first week and got 35 leads, generating just under £1,000 of revenue.

“eSales Hub generated more leads than I could ever imagine. I’ve had to grow my staff by 30% to cope with the work, which is great!”

Dave Manship,
Owner Mr Electric,

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So how does it work?

Our eSales Hub technology enables you to build pages specific to the areas and keyword searches you want to target, making your presence online more relevant to your target market. Our eSales Hub Local Pages software ensures you appear in relevant searches, boosting your rankings for locally based search terms whilst ensuring you don’t burn money on keywords that don’t drive a response from Adwords and PPC.

Boost your natural rankings:

Our eSales Hub Local Pages software ensures you appear in relevant searches, boosting your rankings for long tail search terms.

High converting pages mean more leads:

Our eSales Hub Local Pages technology includes several conversion enhancing elements, meaning not only will the local pages get traffic, but you will get more customers contacting you from it that you will be able to track.

Track the keyword that drive your calls:

By tracking all your keywords to call, you can effectively get rid of the costly keywords in your campaign that don’t drive leads, meaning you can reduce your Adwords spend by up to 50% over 3 months, allowing you to make Adwords highly profitable.

Track the keywords that generate the highest invoice value:

Unlike other software products that are out there, we are able to track the keyword from your Pay Per Click campaign on Google or Bing right the way through to the call generated, and if supplied, the revenue generated from that call. You can then refine your online activity further by focusing on keywords that drive the highest invoice value, rather than just keywords that drive leads.

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